Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Embarrassing Moments

So I had to laugh the other day while thinking about this topic… and how ridiculous it really is. Take me for example; I am the definition of a klutz. If anyone were going to slip on a patch of ice (Yes. Alone AND in front of many), try to be extra cool and end up with black shit in her teeth, dried skin on her face, or hair a hot mess (…God only knows), OR get smacked in the head by a football during powder puff practice (yup, happened to me in high school) it would be ME. It’s so funny too, because I’m one of those people who gets really embarrassed about the stupid stuff that happens… fortunately I am also one of those people who completely deletes it from her brain the next day.
You know the games…. The ones where they ask you to “reveal your most embarrassing moment”?
I hate those questions… not only because I have SO many instances of being embarrassed but also these memories get wiped out of my mind alt, ctrl, delete style the day after they occur. Needless to say I end up saying “I swear I have so many most embarrassing moments, but I can’t think of any…errr….” Then they force me to think of one, so I usually go with the “football WHAM! right to the dome piece” story. That’s usually a crowd pleaser.  Do you seem to “accidentally” forget your embarrassing moments? Or do you remember each one with horrific vivid detail?
I definitely think the funniest people are the ones who can’t laugh about it… and they get mad when they’re embarrassed. LOL… I have had a few times like that… where something happens and you’re all flustered and embarrassed so you take out the anger on the closest breathing (or not breathing) target? My sister was always the best at calling someone out when things were reaching the “argument/anger threshold”. She could always call you out and make you laugh and realize you actually weren’t mad, but just super embarrassed J Which of course, made it 10x more embarrassing…
On the other hand, some people pull off embarrassing moments like it’s brushin the dirt off their shoulders. . . . Smooth criminals, can you share some of that swag?
Is it worse if embarrassing things happen to you alone? Or in front of people, where you can at least save some of your dignity and laugh it off with them?
In the end I guess any “rational” person would say:
“It’s all about self-confidence”.
Gag me.
I am confident, trust me. I just hate embarrassing shit happening to me!

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