Monday, January 3, 2011

LUSH stuff

As the pace begins to speed back up as we enter the new year, I think I lost my window for that good ol' new years resolution! Oh well, I suppose I don't need a certain "day" to change things. I have however, come up with a New Years Task I want to accomplish.

Okay, so this past weekend my parents came and visited me and were teasing me about my closet and the overwhelming amounts of clothes and shoes I have jammed into the tiny space. Seriously... my closet is bursting at its seams. But in my defense I am a college girl, who rents a tiny studio apartment! It isn't my fault there isn't enough space for my stuff! I'm sure most of you can agree with me though, when I say "There is never enough space". Trust me, I have had walk-in closets that were jammed with all of my stuff. One of these days though, I will have an entire ROOM full of space to keep my clothes, makeup, and accessories!

So I will be working on that, but I know it will take some time so I need to wait for a day off to tackle it. Maybe I will post before and after pictures. . . It's tough bein a college kid ;)

So that's that. Now onto the good stuff! I have been using my LUSH products, and am beginning to see what the hype is about. Honestly, it is pricey but worth it. My favorite thing so far is the Mandarin Tea Party Soap. OMGGG- I didn't even want this, but it came with the Glogg shower gel in a gift box so I figured I could use it in my kitchen (I tend to associate citrus-y scents with the kitchen. idk why). Well that lasted the first sliver of soap, once I used it I was hooked. I find myself just picking it up to smell once in a while! lol. I LOVE the "clean" feeling this soap gives and the scent is amazing. This is one I will definitely buy again!

The next one I have tried and like alot so far, but havent used enough to say I love or not is the Glogg shower gel and the BIG shampoo. Glogg reminds me of Hot Damn and Patchouli... sounds weird but they smell really good together. The BIG shampoo doesn't have a completely pleasant smell, but it lathers very well and my hair has never felt "clean" the way it does when I wash with this. The couple times I used it though I didn't style my hair so I will let you know if I fall in love with it a bit more as I use it up. The one thing I do like about the smell though, is that it doesn't linger. After my hair was dry it didnt hold that "not so pleasant" scent the shampoo has. It smelled like my conditioner which I appreciated :)

The other thing I have tried and really don't care for is the Bubblegum lip scrub. This was another item that came in the gift box I got and I am not thrilled with it... It didn't seem to do anything for my lips, and personally the bubblegum scent is quite overwhelming. I guess if you are a fan of that scent you may like this, but it didn't seem to work very well for me. My lips didn't feel smooth or soft or anything! So... purchase at your own risk! lol.

That's all for today... I can't wait to try more from LUSH and find which items I love most!! .... but first I need to take on my closet ...wish me luck!!

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