Friday, August 3, 2012

tattoo culture

*While I'm still on the hunt for an artist I can trust in the area, I mentioned in an earlier post that baby got her tat finished before we left town*

There's something about tattoo shops.

Everything about them intoxicates me.

The heavy metal and sick drum lines, the unique posters & artwork hung in disarray, and the option for change and creation...

The option to paint your canvas into a unique piece of living, growing lifelong artwork.

The burning sensation and the constant, steady buzz of the needle, the excitment and apprehension.
The permamence.

Something about it...

There's always so much to take in.

The pretty body jewelry, the sketches that surround the space of each artist. The wonderment of those who are truly talented within their craft.The genuine professionals,... the ones who generate art and understand what it's all about - quality, love, expression, reflection, life, YOU.

Each artist has their own flavor - so I had to smile when her artist switched over the badass Lamb of God album - to a classic old school rap playlist.


Go hard.

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