Tuesday, August 28, 2012

exposed brick

I Love Home Depot.

It seems each time I go... I walk out with more projects than I went in with!


Naturally, a while ago I got an idea....

The brick/wood shelving unit came together great.
*and my baby was SO sweet for helping me (twice) load and unload 100 bricks... for a shelf ;-)*
*Thanks babydoll! xoxo*

I love the look of brick, but it's hard to incorporate if you aren't lucky enough to have exposed brick as an accommodation to begin with.

So, I decided a brick/wood shelving unit would look great against a large wall we hadn't figured out what to do with yet.

*We added one more shelf after this picture was taken*

I also will stain the wood. I want to give it a different color, without losing the knots that give it character and  it's natural vibe.

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Ianstein said...

I am very impressed I must say. Looks great. Its true what you said, Whenever I need a project (which doesnt happen very often) But all I need to do is walk into home depot and the ideas just start racing in my head.