Sunday, August 5, 2012

catching fire

Catching Fire

by Suzanne Collins

Second book in the Hunger games series. Again, this one didn't take long for me to fly through. I will say though, that there are expected - and very unexpected - events that occur in this book.

The fact that I am now beginning the third and *final* book in the trilogy is bittersweet. While I am so very enticed to discover the ending, it is one of those books that you accept has to eventually end. The plot can't carry itself much further than a third book.

That being said, I have a gang of literature waiting on me after this series is complete - all of which I am very excited to snuggle down with and jump into!

Favorite Quotes:

"Then he adjusts the light in the room to mimic twilight and presses a button.... I look down, fascinated, as my ensemble slowly comes to life....the colors rise and fall, shift and blend...."

"With my paint box at home, I can make every color imaginable."

"One time, I spent three days mixing paint until I foung the right shade for sunlight on white fur. You see, I kept thinking it was yellow, but it was much more than that. Layers of all sorts of colors. One by one."

"I haven't figured out a rainbow yet. They come up so quickly and leave so soon. I never have enough time to capture them."

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Dose of Glam said...

I love the first book cant wait to read the next one. Nice blog by the way.