Saturday, September 17, 2011

City of Ashes

City of Ashes
by Cassandra Clare

This book left you hangin on a cliff. Seriously, I recommend having the third book ON hand when you finish this one! I’m already working my way through the third book (City of Glass), and have picked up the fourth - lol!
So much happens in this book, I can’t even begin to summarize. Valentine (the bad guy – for those who don’t know) plays a big part in the events of this book, and we start to learn a bit more about Clary and the rest of the cast as well.
The ending is the real jaw dropper of the book. AH! I am really enjoying this series, and all of its craziness. I don’t want to spoil it so I will just say that this book did not disappoint just like the first one didn’t. This book starts right at the end of the first book (City of Bones), and walks you through the events that transpire. You’ll never guess what happens to Simon, and what Clary’s secret talent is J
Get reading!


Favorite Quotes:
“He was wearing a black t shirt that said “I BLOGGED YOUR MOM”….”

“This Bitter Language

I know your streets, sweet city,
I know the demons and angels that flock
and roost in your boughs like birds.
I know you, river, as if you flowed
through my heart.
I am your warrior daughter.
There are letters made of your body
as a fountain is made of water.
There are languages
of which you are the blueprint
and as we speak then
the city rises.

-Elka Cloke”

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