Friday, September 30, 2011

beautiful mess

Tuesday it rained all day. I got to play in the rain.

A buddy of mine took these shots, again... I don't love them - sometimes I think I can just take better pictures of myself than anyone else. Maybe that's just the control-freak in me though.

After the shoot there was a beautiful full size rainbow that came out... by then I didn't have my camera, or even my phone to snap a picture of the gorgeous sunset and rainbow. Needless to say, I was bummed.

I really miss my sister this week.... alot. I think it's because Halloween is around the corner, I'm planning my costume - and she isn't here to do it with me. So many things we did together this time of year it will forever feel incomplete without her involvement.

You told me I'm the only one
Sweet little angel, you should have run...
Lying, crying, dying to leave
Innocence creates my hell

"Love Hate Love" Alice in Chains


Ianstein said...

Love the first 2 pics the best. I would have never guessed that the first one was you when I first saw it. Wow !!

Anonymous said...

this post is so cute!!