Monday, November 24, 2014

MN and back again!

Last week I left Monday morning again for Minneapolis! This time, there was even more snow - and it was even colder! 

As much as I hate to admit it... I get quite nostalgic when I am around the snow. 

It's just so beautiful <3

One month left before I'm home! I'm leaning towards cutting the locks off a bit :)

Love this stuff.
Over the summer, another hotel I stayed at carried the Sun Coast Salts and I ended up purchasing some. One good scrub in the morning will leave your hands moisturized ALL day
(even in the dry MN and TX weather! lol)

Caught the sunset as we were flying back into Texas... nothing like those big, beautiful Texas skies <3

The snow against the evergreens was beautiful.

Oh, sweet nostalgia!

through the looking glass

A bunch of us enjoying a few rounds of Sassy Trivia and a nightcap :)

The day I returned, when I left work this is how Texas welcomed me :)

It was a great few weeks, but I was definitely thankful for the nice weather when I returned!

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