Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Friday Night Lights

A few weeks ago [Friday the 14th]we had an opportunity to attend a Permian High School Playoff Game at Ratliff Stadium

High School football is HUGE in Texas, and this game was no exception. While Permian dominated, Sam Houston (Arlington) defensemen got screamed at by their coach - so loud I could hear every word from my seat. Then towards the end of the game - the police had to break up two fathers/families who were about to have an all out brawl on the bleachers!

Other than that obvious intensity, it was a really enjoyable experience. My High School football field pales in comparison to the Ratliff Stadium. It definitely took me back to when I was in high school. Permian has a HUGE marching band, but I felt that each teams halftime show's were pretty weak. I was definitely hoping for more - especially because I was really enjoying the band during the game, and the cheerleaders and dancers as well! 

It was a bit chilly that night - but I went prepared!! I was bundled up like an eskimo, while everyone else wore a light jacket or thick sweater... but the important thing was that we all enjoyed ourselves. Mostly, I am happy to say I went to a playoff game at the "Friday Night Lights" stadium :)

Ratliff Stadium Entrance

Yeah, to me it got pretty cold as the night wore on... I was thankful I over-layered. I didn't care that everyone else was staring at me like I was a psychopath :-D

Permian Marching Band. They were huge, and they did an amazing job during the game. It was alot of fun to watch their conductor, the dance team, and the cheerleaders interact.
The Sam Houston Dancers at Half Time

Police Crew jumping in on the 2 families about to duke it out lol

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