Saturday, November 15, 2014

Leadership Summit - Takeaway

This past week has been one of the best work events I have gone to in my career thus far.

I can't even begin to describe how effective and inspirational this summit was. It was a small group of us, and the company hired the Prouty Project for the week. Again, I can't begin to describe these guys. Definitely a week that has sparked a flame inside of me. 

Plus, it didn't hurt we got to experience some pretty amazing things throughout the week :) 

The week was very much focused inward, so they had us leave all electronics and distractions behind. That being said, I don't have pictures of anything we did really - but here are some of the photos I was able to capture from the week!!

A few gals and myself made this dinner in the hotel kitchen one night.... as we drank wine, of course :)
Definitely a blast!! I think the sous chef really liked us lol

I mostly wore tights since I am always the one that's cold!

Beautiful fireplace inside the hotel/conference center. 

The morning I flew in... they had a winter storm! Luckily, my delay wasn't bad.

Another view of the hotel/conference center.

Sunsets over Lake McKnight were beautiful. I didn't realize there were trails around the center I could have utilized, so I didn't pack for outside fitness!! The company did however, provide a personal trainer - which I thought wa pretty cool.

Night Flights are always and forever my favorite. I love seeing the cities lit up.

Home sweet Home... until next week! 

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