Friday, November 28, 2014


A few weeks ago for 'date night', we went to see Interstellar.

Now let me preface by saying I enjoy movies - but it's not often  I really love one.

I really thought this movie was phenomenal. Of course,  is amazing in anything he does - so naturally he was perfect in his role. 

I can't say what it was about this movie I enjoyed so much... honestly,I hadn't even heard of it until the morning we went and seen it. When I sat down to watch, all I knew was that it was a " movie with Matthew McConaughey".

I left feeling like it was the best movie i had seen in a long time.

Frankly, it just made me feel.

I have zero shame in admitting that I cried almost the entire way through the movie. I felt heartbroken, anxious, hopeful, angry, hopeless, happy, and pretty much every other emotion in the book, throughout the course of the film. 
*No joke, I walked out of the theatre with a headache from crying for so long. LOL*

I don't want to get too crazy here - there were definitely some "science-y" parts of the movie that made me think "meh".... but for me, it wasn't enough to affect my opinion. 

... Clearly, I really enjoyed this movie :)

 I'd definitely recommend it.

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