Tuesday, March 25, 2014


I stopped drinking Diet Coke in January.
I still have one once in a while, if I'm out somewhere and there are no other options, etc.... but I don't keep them stocked in my fridge, and I don't make special stops for fountain Diet Cokes anymore :)
The whole foods store near my office carries all kinds of things, and recently I stumbled upon these beauts...

It does contain caffeine, but there are no artificial sweeteners, no calories, and seems to be a fantastic alternative for those days when I just want a pop!
It's nice to have an option - if I really want one.


She said...

wow - I've never even heard of this... I need to try it. I was contemplating giving up diet coke, but I feel like I'd HAVE to have a replacement with how much I drink.

She said...
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