Thursday, March 27, 2014

Total Body Rapid Cleanse (7-Day)

This was my first cleanse.

I bought it at the whole food store, after a little bit of research. This was an all natural, short (7 day), gentle cleanse, which was what I was looking for.

Day 1 (Wed)

I took the pills around 8am and had the fiber around 8:30am. I had really great energy all day. I don't know if it was the start of the cleanse, or if it was just a good day for me. It did help curb my appetite I felt. I took part 3 and the second fiber drink around 6:30pm. Around 8-9pm I started to get a mild headache, but I think I may have been just tired.

Day 2 (Thu)

I took the pills around 8am and had the fiber around 8:30am. I got a headache around 9am. After lunch I still had a mild headache. I noticed this morning also that I may have a little breakout on the side of my face. I didn't have the same energy I had on Day 1. I took the pills and the fiber around 6:30pm again, and the headache subsided around 7pm.

Day 3 (Fri)

My face is clearing up from what I thought may have been a little breakout. It almost seemed like yesterday toxins were being pulled out, but today my skin is starting to clear itself. I had a slight headache again in the morning, but it went away by mid-afternoon. My energy was normal today. I took the pills again at 8am, and had the fiber around 8:30am. I seemed to be really hungry all day, even after eating. I took the PM dose a little later than I had been, but the headache did not return. I slept like a rock.

Day 4 (Sat)
I took my AM pills and fiber before breakfast, and didn't notice a headache at all throughout the day. I did notice that I was extremely tired, enough to entice me into a nap mid-day. I ended up taking my PM pills really late, and skipped the fiber drink. Again, I slept quite well.

Day 5 (Sun)
I skipped fiber again this morning, but I took my pills before breakfast. The drink is kind of gross at this point. It's not horrible, but it does have a taste I can only describe as "bologna water".... :-/ I'm feeling tired today again, so I'm hoping tomorrow I will start to feel some more energy. I haven't had a headache today. I also didn't take the fiber this evening, I just took the PM pills.

Day 6 (Mon)

No headache today, but I was really, really tired. Usually when I wake up feeling lethargic, I snap out of it within the hour. Today I felt exhausted all day long. I skipped the fiber again this morning. I haven't noticed an difference in not taking it, and the instructions said it was ok not to take it... so I've been opting out. I'm ready for this to be over with if it's the cause of my sleepiness.... I need some energy back!!

Day 7 (Tue)
I took as directed, at the same time I had been. No fiber again. I didn't notice being particularly sleepy today, but I didn't notice a jump in energy either.


I will try a different cleanse next time. I did, think this cleanse worked in terms of being gentle, so if you're looking for a quick, gentle, natural cleanse - I may recommend this cleanse. I think next time I will try a 14 day cleanse though - and I will not be purchasing one that I have to drink a fiber drink with. There are plenty of cleanses out there, and in another month or so - I may decide to try another one. I don't think that this cleanse was long enough to say one way or another how it made me feel. There were days I felt great, days I had headaches, and days I was exhausted. I'd like to try a longer cleanse next time, and definitely pass on any cleanse that requires me to chug a "fiber drink".

**From what I researched, everyone said this fiber drink was tasteless. That is not true. I was very nervous about the fiber drink because of the chance it could be nasty. It was not gritty, but it did flake a little in the drink. It also had a bad taste. The foul taste wasn't overwhelming, but it wasn't tasteless like everyone claimed. It wasn't pleasant at all. I don't think I would get a cleanse next time that has a fiber drink.

*** I put my fiber in a water bottle and shook it to mix. It is VERY true this must be mixed with room temp water. If you use cold water, it will not mix well.
**** I did not notice any extra potty breaks through the duration of this cleanse, unlike some other, more harsh cleanses.
***** I continued to take my normal vitamins while cleansing.

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