Sunday, January 5, 2014

honest delusions...

The room is dark, quiet and comfortable.

Only the moonlight peeks in from behind the blinds.
Momentarily, I watch the fan whirl silently overhead.

Your arm playfully jolts, a tell tale sign you are drifting deeper into a peaceful slumber.

Your skin smells good and is warm against the length of my body. Your knees bend with mine to keep me close. Your arm draped snug over my torso holds me in place, and the only thing I hear is you breathing. I feel each exhale... cool and light on my shoulder. Each breath smells deliciously sweet, and leaves me longing for the next taste of you.

You hold me like you need me... like tonight is a promise to never let go.

I feel safe.

I continue to listen and drink in each breath. I slink around to grab your hand and hold it firmly in mine. I bring it to my lips and softly plant a kiss to each knuckle. I squeeze your hand before I set it down atop the sheets, and somehow, fast asleep, you squeeze back... like you're answering a question I've asked in dreams.

I wonder if you dream of me...

I rustle, and you rouse. You reconfigure your arm, pull me closer, and hold me a little bit tighter... and just before you drift back to your beautiful dreamland, with your eyes still closed... you offer my shoulder a kiss.

Your vulnerability, and sweet humble honesty in these moments swindle my insides.

This is my favorite time with you.

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