Monday, July 9, 2012

post impressionism

Before I left for vacation one of my friends wanted me to help her recreate a painting - as a mural

Of course, I was all in.

She chose the famous "Starry Night" by Vincent Van Gogh.

The wall needed to be sanded down, then the outline needed to be drawn.

After that, we ran to Lowe's and swooped the paint that we would need. The people assisting us with the paint were so patient and friendly - they couldn't believe we were going to try and recreate this!

We obviously had to paint in layers, letting each dry before we started another. With good tunes rockin in the background, a few glasses of wine, and paintbrushes in hand - we knocked it out...

it turned out  fantastic.

pictures really don't do it justice.

Most importantly, she LOVED it.
I was glad she was so happy with the results.

* Made me smile *

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Britt said...

This is fantastic! I've done several murals for people - I really enjoy it. Great job! It's so pretty!

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