Wednesday, July 11, 2012


We just got back from our road trip/vacation (I will blog on the trip sooooon!) - and now the fun is really kicking in. We are getting things unpacked/organizing/decorating! The tough part is - soon I will be gone again.

I am going away on business.

Yep, gone again.

I am so excited about this trip... it should prove to be a great opportunity, and I am more motivated and inspired than ever!

Good thing is, it won't be all work, no play.

I made sure the company flew me out early so I had time to hit up...


I can't wait to shop til' I drop!

While it is hectic, and a bit "undesirable" to turn around and leave again with SO much going on... this blended trip of business&pleasure is going to be so badass.

I'll make sure to take pictures ;-)

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