Thursday, July 12, 2012

the good life

My vacation was absolutely fantastic

After grabbing my fav Starbucks drink, I was at the airport. The flight was great, and since I had just finished my book (I picked my next selections up at home), I chose to watch TV during the flight. Once on the ground, we grabbed some grub, and hit Somerset Mall in Detroit for shopping and Lush.

The next day home started by taking Romeo to the groomer to get his hair cut. He is so adorable! He gets regular cuts (we were so lucky to find a groomer who is so fricken fabulous) so he's at the groomer every few weeks. When we picked him up, she let us sneak around back to get some lovins from a puppy being housed at the kennel. So sweet! We did breakfast, and painted a shed out back. It was my sisters birthday, she would have been 24... so we obviously went to see her. As we were driving to my sisters, we noticed the ground was smoking on the other side of the freeway. Luckily, there was a watering can in the backseat and a small lake nearby. So what did we do? We played firefighter and put it out :)

To end the night,...movies and chinese food - ahhh bliss!

lol - this pic cracks me up

The baby at the groomer

gettin lovin's... she was so sweet

The shed

The pond at my sisters


The next day was nothing short of exciting!! A close friend of the family was celebrating a graduation, so we enjoyed a few drinks and some really good food at the open house before heading over to my uncles for a bonfire.

More on this later... but definitely good times.

The following afternoon we went to see "Snow White and the Huntsman". I wanted to see this when it first came out, but with everything going on I just couldn't get around to it! Better late than never though, and the matinee allowed us to have the entire theatre to ourselves as we snacked on popcorn and sipped our fountain drinks.

The latter half of my vacation was the best... I ran around in my bikini under the warm sun, and we had the hot tub filled (not heated) so when it got too warm - I just took a dip! We have a lake behind our house, but while laying out - the "cold" tub was easier than running down to the beach. lol

Enjoying the view from my parents home was my favorite part. They have (what we were calling) a "Cabana Oasis" area set up. Equipped with beautiful patio furniture, a gazebo, and a fan to keep it breezy and cool... and of course, my dads new grill - which is actually pretty badass. One of the days we chilled a bottle of red and white wine - and ate lunch... Brats, corn on the cob and fresh cucumber salad with feta cheese, bell peppers, tomatoes and romaine lettuce. After lunch, I grabbed a Summer Shandy and got back to enjoying nature. It was so peaceful laying on our deck, enjoying the birds chirping and the rich green landscape that surrounded me. I know it sounds corny, but it truly was my favorite part!! I couldn't get enough. My parents have such a beautiful home, in such a beautiful area. They've been doing alot of work landscaping and such lately - all that hard work put into a home pays off. Between lounging around sipping my shandy&wine and taking dips in the water - We even painted an old bench a pretty lilac color to set on the other side of the house!

Of course, I can't share all of what I did on vacation - but the rest of the trip followed suit.
I got to see friends and family, and relax and party.

curious baby... lol

While pictures and stories can never truly do "life" and all of it's beauties justice...

I can tell you:
It was the perfect trip home ♥

... my vacation wasn't over... but I will save the rest for another blog :)

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