Saturday, June 23, 2012

hidden treasure

Ever since I can remember I've been in love with thrift stores, garage sales, flea markets, goodwills, consignment shops, really anything vintage or unique.

I find all kinds of treasures; including clothing

While I do incorporate trends of the season into my style, I wear what I like.
I always have and always will choose pieces that are unique and fit "me" -- some of them items most people may not necessarily be able to see the beauty in while its hanging on the rack. Ive always been able to look at an article of clothing and see it styled or visualize how I could rock it or re-vamp it. Sometimes crazy, bold, and “out there” things appeal to me and seem to scream my name!

That being said, I frequent these places and usually find pieces I can fashion into my own, and put an up-to-date spin on.

here are -just a few- that i took quick snapshots of
(clothing only...obviously)

huge beachy dress - I love this after I style it!

Who ya gunna call?! I love scoring on vintage classic tees

VS Red Velvet Slacks and White Cords

3 dresses, fancy cream skirt, Tommy belt

Red 'Guess' Clutch

Jeans for cutting up :)

Neon T-shirts - Can't wait to DIY and re-vamp these!

Lunch lady uniform? lol
No - this is actually so adorable styled - it just needs a lil edge ;)

Orange Jumper - perfect for summer!!

unique sleeveless pullover with huge collar

Silk Blouse

Pretty Scarves

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