Monday, June 18, 2012


Ok, I'm ready to share a little about my first trip that is coming up SOON...

The first big vacation of my summer will start with a trip home. I could not be more excited to see my friends and family. I fly into the 810 and will be home for quite a bit of time.

What makes this trip different, is that a certain someone is coming back with me ♥

This has been long awaited.

We are road trippin' it!! I'm stoked!! This will be the first "BIG" road trip her and I have taken together and I know it will be nothing short of a great time. Jammin, snackin, smokin, nappin, takin pics, stealin' smooches and laughin the whole way home.....  & that is our destination:

♥ Home Sweet Home ♥

I hadn't mentioned it, but her and I had been looking for a place together for quite some time. After what seemed like forever, we got so lucky and found the perfect place that met all of our (my) picky requirements and had everything we wanted, needed, and more!!!

As soon as we get everything settled, I will share bits&pieces of how we decided to decorate the new diggs - but for now, we are just excited to have such a fantastic place and we are extremely busy getting ready for this trip, the big move, and getting all the loose ends tied up!

This vacation is much needed, well deserved, and cannot come soon enough!!

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Anonymous said...

My baby!!! I cant wait!!!! Get here safe please n thanks!!! Muah <3

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