Monday, June 25, 2012


They packed up the car and hit the road. The excitement hastened their pace. The drive seemed brief, and they were pulling into the entrance of a long, dusty road that led them to their final destination.
The place was a dark, grungy piece of land conveniently arranged and covered with smoky tents, each housing unique habitants, yet they all shared the same reason for attendance.
The event didn’t start on this particular evening. Those who came early were the true devotees, the real fanatics… the addicts.

As they crept through the designated lot, through the car window and obscurity that the night provided – they could sense the anxious presence of the bodies that fashioned the event into what it was. They looked on through the haze, and absorbed the overwhelming emotional state that everyone carried.

This was a time for exhilaration and ecstasy, free love and nonconformity.

They embraced this refreshing escape from the world that was…
For this transient getaway was one that was ever-so-fleeting. They would not think about the end, only that this was the beginning, and what a beautiful experience they were about to endure.

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Ianstein said...

Seriously..Good stuff. Love the pic too.

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