Sunday, June 17, 2012


I am my father’s daughter.
That’s what my mom always tells me.
What I don’t think she realizes though, is that every time she says it I giggle and proudly take that compliment.
My dad and I are just alike J
My father is the definition of a good man. My mother and him have been together since high school, and are still happily married. My dad has worked hard for his family, and not once have we had to go without.
I look up to my father in so many ways. He is honest and kind, giving and hard working. He isn’t afraid to be who he is – even if that means he admits to getting teary eyed over sad movies J
He is funny and doesn’t take life too seriously. He is carefree and open to live life, take risks, and experience anything once. He works hard, sometimes too hard - and plays hard too. He holds God in his heart & life, and remains humble no matter what new “toy” he’s just purchased.
My dad came from a family that didn’t have a whole lot. Being honest, they didn’t have much of anything. 6 kids in a small home, and his mother left when the youngest was still a baby. The thing I am so proud of my dad for – when I look at him today – is how he rose above it and worked hard to do better for himself. He always triumphs, no matter the task or obstacle.
In high school, my dad played every sport that was offered and also sang in the choir and played several instruments in band. He also toured the world singing with a group, and if you have ever heard my dad sing – you would understand why. My dad has so much talent. Not just in music, but he can literally pick up an instrument and play a song on it. We have a sound room at my parents house where my dad likes to jam out in (go big or go home) and record. I love his voice and encourage him to record all he can so I will always have them to listen to.
I suppose I could go on and on about how wonderful my dad is, what a great role model, father, friend, and hero he has been, or how much I appreciate everything he has been, has done, and will do for our family…
But… I’m not sure his ego needs the boost J

This father’s day I want to make sure you know Dad, that I love you very much and I am so proud to call you my father.

before running the 10K


after running the Crim (with our metals)


There were so many pictures I wanted to find and post - so many memories I wanted to incorporate into this blog that just aren't possible to capture - so I keep them safely tucked in my mind, knowing they are shared between us both and shall never be forgotten... I am so blessed to have such a great father and have such great snapshots and memories with you.  SO I WILL DANCE WITH, CINDERELLA.. Playing dress up, you behind the camera. "Dad, it's a choir concert!!". Road trip. Running the Crim and getting our metals. "Timberly, Timberly... why do you cry?" Sound Room. Family get-togethers and how much fun we always have afterwards. My senior project. Band&Choir - Solo&Ensemble practice. You singing everwhere, listening to you and helping you practice each song. Childhood mornings with ESPN on the TV. FOWLERVILLE. Music with you in general. your cool slang. Flat tire in the middle of M-24. RICO'S SONG. Halloweens and our "routine" for Christmas mornings. Cruise --> "I wonder what the ---- people are doing right now?" haha... Seat belt ticket? nahhh..... GO BIG OR GO HOME.

I could go on&on&on... but you bemembuh, right?




I love you.


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Ianstein said...

OH MY...I just read this as I am way behind on reading and writing all blogs. I must say.... this is my new favorite blog of yours :)
and yes I have tears in my eyes. Its funny that you remember all that stuff because I always thought that some of those things went unnoticed or forgotten about.
so glad they werent.
But now I have a ego boost blog. Whenever I need a boost I will read this blog again. I think you hit the shhuper shhlammer with this one fo sho!! Love you so very much !! Hells to the yeah to the double yeah yeah !! :)