Thursday, May 10, 2012

rebel rain

I love the rain.
I always have.

There’s something about the cackling pitter-patter of fresh raindrops, the exciting flashes of bright lightning, and the deep roar of the booming thunder that send my heart soaring.

It stormed all night last night; a soothing lullaby that rocked me to sleep.

This morning I gratefully awoke to the same scenery that is my peculiar peace. A dark sky cluttered with heavy raindrops, unsynchronized growls from the rumbling thunder that seemed miles away, and surprising flares of unpredictable blazing light.

It rained alot.

On this specific morning... after finally finding where I had stashed my umbrella collection
Here are a few sights I came across:

For as much as I love when it rains, I know eventually it will stop.

 ... and when it does, I always watch for rainbows :)

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Ianstein said...

I Love this post !!