Thursday, May 3, 2012

the host

The Host
Stephenie Meyer

This book took me a minute to get into - just being honest. The beginning of the book is slow.

buuuuuut... like most good books, that long, drawn out introduction is usually worth it :)

Because of the nature of this book (It's "technically" a sci-fi book) I don't really want to get into detail (it gets complicated lol)... But I will say despite the "aliens from other planets taking over human bodies and using them as hosts" - it is also a twisted love story, fully loaded with the ammo of unconditional love.

As soon as the plot began to unravel, I was sitting down to read every evening. I wanted to know what happened!

As mentioned, I really don't feel like getting into details about the book but I will summarize briefly :
Wanderer is a "centipede like" alien. Most of her kind (some don't) travel from world to world and use other bodies as hosts. The host that Wanderer gets placed into is resistant... aka: not ready to play nice and let her body go... therefore, Wanderer starts hearing thoughts and seeing images that she is not creating.....
Her kind offers to place her in a new host, as this is not a good thing to be inside of a resistant hoset. Wanderer decides to try and stick it out (being the badass she is) and overcome the obstacle she's facing...

This book will have you pissed off, laughing, sad, at the edge of your seat, and wanting more.

It's one of those books where I predicted the ending before the book was closing.... or at least I thought I did :)

Overall? Good Book. I'd recommend it

Plus, I heard they're making a movie of it set to release sometime early 2013

Favorite Quotes:
"He kisses me again and this time I feel it. His lips are softer than his hands, and hot, even in the warm desert night. A flock of butterflies riots in my stomach and steals my breath. My hands reach for him instinctively."

"... till I knew them so well I could have drawn them blindfolded."

"My hands reached out without my permission, searching across the rumpled sheet, looking for something they did not find. My heart ached when they gave up, falling to the bed limp and empty."

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