Monday, May 21, 2012


Some love it.
Some hate it.
Personally, I dig it

I decided to share this super easy, quick DIY

I cut mine capri length

First -- I used a simple tye dye method  - band and bleach!

Bleach (I got this specific bottle at Target)

After I bleached the large sections to get the overall look I wanted - I used other tools and methods...
Don't be afraid to get creative, spray bottle, splatter, use a sponge, or even stencil on creative designs! (stenciled bleached designs look fab!)

I wanted to keep them simple, since it's such a bold look...
so I didn't do anything else but play with the bleach.
I love the way these turned out!
They will be perfect for summer!

"Faded like skinnys
Young Money we winning"
Faded - Tyga ft Lil Wayne

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