Friday, December 23, 2011

*dime piece*

I’ve gotten my motivation back!
Workin’ on my fitness ;)
In the past, my workouts usually consisted of stretching and running… with no real weight training.
I have realized though, that weight training is necessary in order to really get the muscle definition I want.
… and it’s kicking my ass!!
Deadlifts and Squats are my biggest adversaries at this point. My entire body is sore, and while it makes the most simple of tasks excruciatingly painful – I love it. That’s how I know I’m kicking ass and just that much closer to where I want to be.
I actually consider myself quite blessed - I love my body, and I especially love it when I put a little work into it! I’m well proportioned, and not to sound cocky, but I look damn good J
Nothing comes without work though, and finding the motivation after working a full time job amongst other things and maintaining a social life, is usually the hardest part for me. Sometimes you just want to be lazy, ya know!
And sometimes I allow myself a break, and just veg out and enjoy life….
But for now, I’m in the mindset, and I’m stoked about my results.
 I don't want a "6-pack" or anything - as I actually find that gross on women. I just want definition, and a lean body that looks stellar in a bikini! Like... dancers, and swimmers lol. Slowly but surely, I'll get where I wanna be!

Also… I have a secret I’m going to share with you soon. I have a new workout (besides the weight training)…. And it is the SHIT!

Also - I've been slacking on posts - I know. Very busy with the holidays and everything else going on! Lots to do... but I promise soon I'll be posting more frequently.


Britt said...

I just started working out again and I agree that the weights are killer. Well, my weights are water bottles because I have shoulder issues...but still! Haha.

Oh! Have you checked out the Tone it Up girls on Youtube? Toneitupcom is their user name. Loads of different work outs so you never get bored. They're pretty awesome. Just two weeks with them and I've noticed more changes and definition than in two weeks with P90X.

Sandy said...

Taylor.. good to see you writing after a while.. absolutely missed you. Please get back in touch :) Need to catch up

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