Friday, September 12, 2014

Fall Scents...

So, I whored out a little bit at BBW last week.

By now, we all know it's my favorite time of year again!!!

The only thing I didn't stock up on was 3 wick candles, which I will do when they go on sale :)

I was a bit disappointed they didn't bring all the scents back from last year, and the new scents were really laced heavily with baked good scents.

That being said, they did bring back my few favorites:
Leaves, Autumn, and Sweater Weather.

I bought a scentportable of their new scents Flannel, and one wallflower refill of Autumn Sky to test them out and see how I liked them.

I still have a bunch of Leaves Wallflower refills and some 3-wick candles left from last year, and some other things I got throughout the year - so I didn't need a TON but I did get a few things:

5 Trick or Treat Travel Sanitizers - Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin

4 Scentportables - 2 Leaves, 1 Flannel, 1 Mohogany Teakwood

3 Travel lotions - Comfort (A blended autumn scent. Smells amazing!)

6 Wallflower refills - 1 Autumn Sky, 1 Leaves, 2 Autumn, 1 Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin, 1 Sweater Weather

1 Hand Soap - A Walk in the Woods

1 Hand Soap Holder for Fall

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She said...

I love that handsoap holder! so cute & fallish ...looks like Michigan. :D