Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Caprock Canyon State Park

Over Labor Day weekend, the babes and I took the long weekend to visit Caprock Canyon State Park.

We decided to take the pup for his first real camping adventure!

We hiked to the highest point in the park, took the canoe out for an evening of fishing, and made foil dinners after a long day.

Everything we did, little man stuck right by us. 
He was such a good boy.
He was able to walk about 3 miles (which was much more than I thought he would be able to do!!) before it started getting really hot out, and we wouldn't let him walk anymore.

What we didn't anticipate was the heat. Wow, it was hot... thick, unbearable, disgusting heat.

Needless to say, we made the decision to leave one night early and use our extra day to do something at home.

It was a fun little family getaway, but we were all thankful to be out of the heat when we left!


One side of the Lake 


View from the Visitor's Center


Bison cutouts... these were all over the park.

Blue skies...

Labor Day weekend camping swag #jordans

Ready to get in the canoe and go fishing!


** Between the babes and myself - we took a ton of pictures. Most of the canyon and scenery photos didn't make it to this post. I will try to share them at a later date when I have a bit more time**


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