Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Tubing San Marcos

This past weekend a large group of us camped and went tubing in San Marcos.
It was roughly a 4 hour float, and it was a blast.
There were so many people on the water, and our group was pretty huge. It was one of the guys birthdays in our group - so everyone made it a point to sing Happy Birthday to him multiple times on the float.
Also, at the end of the float there was a rope swing.
I swung from the highest perch. Definitely worth it!!
Not everyone camped, since we had peeps in our group from Austin and Houston - some drove back to Austin instead of camping, while the rest of us stayed and left in the morning.
I picked up this adorable white floppy hat from Sun&Sand before the trip. It was the perfect accessory for the river.
I was glad I had it.
**Obviously, I didn't get any pictures on the water, since I wasn't going to risk losing my camera or phone - but I did get a shot of my new hat!**

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