Saturday, August 23, 2014

all white everything

My favorite color has always been white.

My large white rug, my duvet cover, sheets, and pillowcases, my cute little french bulldog statue, the large canvas in my bedroom... lampshades,...all white...

Something about a (mostly) soft, white room - I've always loved.

I bought some throw pillows to try and bring a small pop of color into the room. I love the pillows, and they will go great with a tapestry I acquired from when my sister passed away (I haven't hung it up yet). I love a neutral white/golden base with random, small accents of rich, deep colors.... and also anything anthropologie puts together for home decor ;-) lol

Another inspiration is the Free People stores.... I wish I could LIVE in them. I totally dig the style, and want a boho room similar to the ambiance of the stores... full of cute knobs, shelves, and obvious DIY craft projects - with earthy vibes and twinkly lights to mellow it out :) 

French bulldog statue and the lucky cat babes bought me in Japan.

Throw Pillow

Area Rug

Throw Pillow

Free People store from my trip to Minneapolis

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