Sunday, July 20, 2014

Rise & Grind

Today, I am leaving for a week for work.
Since January, I've went on 3 week-long trips for work. This will be the 4th.
I always appreciate and am thankful for the opportunity to grow and further my knowledge and my career, and this trip is no different. I am excited for the upcoming week and what the company has in store for us! This is my favorite trip to take of the year, since it's our Corporate Summer Meeting.
Lot's of fun and enjoyable things over the course of this meeting - first, our company basically rents out the entire hotel lol - and we have a volleyball tournament (which I am playing in again this year!) - HUGE awards ceremonies - motivational speakers and guests - breakouts - and we always get taken to Ichiban on the day before the formal dinner (which I love) ...
This year is a little bit different for me - because I have had the honor of being chosen for a pilot that is rolling out for our upcoming season. I'm one of only 25 people in the whole company who was asked to be a part of the creation and feedback of creating the software that will replace our current system.
Kind of a big deal - and we are rolling it out this Fall season.
Also - our area kicked ass this year so I know we will be getting recognized in a few areas. 
It's going to be a really exciting meeting for me and my group this year!

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