Friday, September 20, 2013

message in a bottle

A soft breeze blows and cools my skin.
Unwanted thoughts of you welcome themselves.

I listen, as my mind flutters like the leaves on the concrete.

Life seems to blow like that breeze,
skipping quickly
and disappearing untraced.

I close my eyes,
and dream of moments passed...

My heart makes a desperate attempt
to recollect every detail
each breath passed like a rolling tide,
to embrace what was...

Every heartbeat.
Each breathtaking smile.
Every mouthwatering kiss,
and the smell of your skin as we lay close and quiet.

Moments with you,
are my best ones.

My heart feels like yesterday,
but the clock speaks heavy.

Time steals what is mine.

I long to reach out,
and pull down the moon.
Whisper my dreams,
and breathe "remember..."

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Ianstein said...

Love are so good!!