Friday, September 6, 2013

Marfa and more...

This past weekend we made the trek to a small, artsy little town called Marfa.

Friday after work we loaded up and drove to Ft. Davis - where we attended a Star Party at McDonald Observatory (which was absolutely beautiful... I would recommend this to anyone) and slept outside, underneath the stars.

Ft. Davis was cool. It had all kinds of bendy, curvy roads - lush green trees and grass - and interesting rock formations.

Saturday morning was beautfiul.

Honestly, it was hard to get up from under the covers. The air was chilly and crisp like autumn in Michigan.

After showers and a "drink", we headed to Marfa.

It was Labor Day weekend, and the Marfa Lights Festival, so when we made reservations - the only place that had ONE opening was El Cosmico, so I booked the Safari Tent (I wished it was one of the teepees!).

El Cosmico "Sign"

I was SO glad we got into this place. It was awesome.

It was an adorable hippie campground with the best style inside of the office. The owner had the neatest eye for design. I wanted to take her home with me!

The showers were open, and people practiced yoga on the grass... it was definitely inspiring.

Our Safari Tent
(Bolivian Blankets)

Tent lit up at night

We couldn't check in until the afternoon, so we went downtown and got a bite to eat and walked around to shop and see what it was all about!

After we walked the town, we unloaded the bike and took it to see the infamous Prada Marfa.


We finally checked in, and that night we went out to dinner and went to see the Marfa Lights. We played a little frisbee, and layed under the stars again - pointing out constellations and laughing at our own jokes.

Sunday we got up when our internal clocks said so, and took the bike to a small swiss cafe called Squeeze Marfa *breakfast was awesome* and headed back to the site so we could load up and get on the road.

While we were so close, we stopped in Balmorhea to go swimming in "one of the world’s largest spring-fed pools, with water so crystal clear you’ll want to bring your snorkeling gear to experience the underwater world below."

It was the perfect ending to a magnificent trip.

I came home feeling inspired and happy.

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