Friday, September 13, 2013

Be Here Now - Ram Dass

Since I was little, I always remember being fascinated with unusual books. I enjoyed large hard covers, or vintage covers that looked centuries old...

While in Marfa, I stumbled upon some books that looked very interesting. 

I decided to purchase this one:


I have only finished the first section of the book, which was very interesting. Oddly, I was a bit disappointed there wasn't more to the story. In a nutshell, it covered his life from an affluent professor at Harvard to surrendering his worldly possessions to continue his search of "knowing"...

He took drugs, traveled, and met different people.

It was an intriguing and unexpected story.

I've enjoyed it thus far.
The middle of the book (contents 2) is mostly sorts of the pages you see above. Quotes, drawings, etc...

Definitely an unusual book.

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