Sunday, April 29, 2012


I have a huge collection of perfumes and colognes

(yes... I wear cologne as well - if it smells good - trust me, I own it and wear it!)

I'm obsessed with scents - and smelling good

Keepin it fresh ;) haha

I needed to get more "Tommy" -- a throwback classic :) so fuckin deelish.

So I went to restock and seen this Tommy Bahama cologne.

I'd been wanting to pick up a Tommy Bahama scent for years.

My friend who passed away - this was her "go-to" cologne,... Her girlfriend has her last bottle still (or at least she did) and I had smelled it a few times and really liked it.
Plus it reminded me of my homie, and that alone was enough to make me reach and buy a bottle.

The scent I picked up isn't the one she used - mine is the original Tommy Bahama. It smells good (reminds me of Florida vacations??), and eventually I will get her version of Tommy Bahama to add to my collection :)

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