Saturday, April 9, 2011

The sound of white

I've been jamming out lately to Missy higgins.

I'm beginning to realize I am very weird with music, I absolutely love something and listen to it on repeat for weeks, sometimes months and then I stop listening to it altogether and move on to my next obsession. Eventually I come back to my favorites though, and it is always a warm welcome.

Missy Higgins is from Australia and I absolutely love the accent. Her voice is so beautiful, and her lyrics make every song she sings amazing. Not to mention she plays the piano and guitar, which I love as well.


I definitely want to go to a concert of hers. Normally, I am not one to spend an arm and a leg for a few hours to watch someone sing.

BUT ....

SHE would be MORE than worth it.

If you havent heard her stuff, check her out. She is absolutely, 100% amazing.

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