Saturday, April 9, 2011

The Book of Lost Things

The Book of Lost Things
by John Connolly

It took me 2 weeks to finish the first 40 pages of this book.

2 weeks for 40 pages.

That’s unheard of, in my world.

I fell asleep on numerous occasions. I never fall asleep when I read.

That being said, if you can make it through the first 40 pages… I promise it gets better.

It turns into a super adventure!

This book is a cross between the common fairy tales and a whole new story in a brand new land with a young boy as the leading role.

David’s mother dies at the beginning of the book. He goes through some hard times, and deals with things children shouldn’t really have to deal with.

I won’t give you the details, because you have to read it… but he enters a land filled with magic and good guys, but mostly it is filled with evil. He needs to find his way home and stay alive long enough to do so! He encounters enemies and friends along the way and overcomes many obstacles in his search for the answer that will get him back to his world.

The fun part is how old school fairy tales like Little Red Riding Hood, Hansel and Gretel, and so many others are incorporated into this account of a little boy’s journey of loving, losing, and discovery.

So although it took me 2 weeks to finish the first 40 pages, it took me half that to demolish the rest of the book. Some parts dragged on a bit, but overall I liked it. I thought that was a great book, especially for those who love the traditional fairy-tale-esque type of story. By the end you feel a special connection with David. The author is amazing in ending the story, too.

Let’s just say, you won’t be left hanging. When you finish the book, it is complete.

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