Monday, December 8, 2014


A few months back, I decided to switch from using solely Biolage to try the Joico Color Endure Violet line. While I don't necessarily need color endure, since I don't color my hair - and I also don't need a violet shampoo, since I am not blonde - I was hoping that the violet would tone the sometimes brassy look of my hair down (Texas water = eek!), and it's also sulfate-free which was a must-have for me. 

This line definitely did what I was hoping for, however - after using it as my daily care system for a few weeks, I switched back to using Biolage for routine treatment - and use the the Joico line once a week or so. Since I am not blonde, nor do I have colored hair... this method seems to work great :)

I also picked up the Joico Leave-In Protectant to try. While I absolutely love the way this works - I find that I use it less than some of my others because of the dispenser. I'd much rather spray directly into my hair vs. using a pump like this. That being said - it really is a great product... I just wish it was a spray! 

Color of Conditioner

Color of Shampoo

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