Wednesday, December 10, 2014


I've never been a big beer drinker.

Of course, I drink beer - but over the course of the last 5 years, I've definitely noticed a decline in my beer consumption. Seems wine has trumped beer for all occasions.

That is, until this summer.

The babes is always trying different beers, and always has a plentiful stock in the fridge. I'm not sure what got into me this summer, but after one or two, I found myself craving the Seasonal New Belgium Skinny Dip
After summer was over and I could no longer get my hands on the Skinny Dip - I started to branch out and experiment in an attempt to decipher what types of beer I prefer.

I'm still very unfamiliar with the majority of it, but I know I like Belgian Whites.
(or I've liked most of them that I've tried anyways)

It's definitely a work in progress - and I still love my wine of course, but I've found this new "quest" to be fun and I'm curious to see if my preferences change over time!!

A few others I've liked...

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