Monday, December 30, 2013

the one that i want

My dad got this book for me the Christmas of 2010. 
I hadn't gotten around to reading it until recently. 

It was surprisingly good. It tells the story of a woman who leads a seemingly "perfect" life. Tilly the main character, is one of those people who always says yes, and wears a smile no matter what she's going through. She thinks her life is perfect... until an old classmate gives her the gift of "clarity".

I felt I understood the bigger picture of this book. I seen what the author was really getting at with the this novel. That so often we live in our day to day, and forget about ourselves - we get comfortable, or stressed, or this or that - but forget to love ourselves and ask the question: Is this what I want? 

What do I want?

I think it's a valid point, and such a simple concept for most people - however - often we don't stop to breathe and listen to ourselves long enough to hear. Or long enough to SEE.

I enjoyed the idea of this book. I thought it was much more powerful that the simple storyline leads...

I'd recommend this for a lighthearted, easy read. 

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