Thursday, December 19, 2013


This book was different. It's one of her young adult books, and it's written in free verse, an open form of poetry.

This was an interesting book, following the lives of 4 teens with different idealisms of what "perfect" should look like, or what it looks like to others - and their struggle with that image.

Because of the way the book is written, it didn't take me long to finish. I took this book with me on vacation and was finished with it before my vacation ended. 

I thought it was a decent book - I felt the author did a great job incorporating eating disorders, sexual orientation, suicide, and parental expectations. I wouldn't say the book was fully rounded though. The ending was very abrupt, and didn't really have a full conclusion you'd expect - or hope for. It was almost as if the whole book was building you up, and building you up - just to cut you off and leave you thinking... "what?!"

Worth the read.

Favorite Quotes:

"Her fingers knit with mine, and my heart tries to convince my brain that she's going to say the words I want to hear."

"Calories won't conquer me. They are the one thing I can control."

"Her kisses were typhoon, wind, rain and lightning, storming into open windows. SHe blanketed me with velvet skin, pillowed me with exotic perfume, lifted me onto a cloud just one breath away from heaven. 
I couldn't say no. Didn't say stop. I wanted more. Wanted to for on forever, even after the first burst of rain. Even then I begged for downpour."

"I'm not worried about you, doll. But play the game. The last thing we want for you is treatment. They'll plump you up like a little piglet."

" body used and abused in more ways than I ever knew a body could be used, in exchange for everything I've ever wanted"

"I'll deal with it. Go hungry for it. Run miles and miles for it. Take pills that help me accomplish it."

"I hope to know love like that one day. Love you can't help but notice."

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