Thursday, February 21, 2013

a musical...

A friend of mine and her husband are extreme theatre enthusiasts.
They are both actively involved in the theatre scene, have been in countless productions, and are members of the board.
It's quite adorable, actually...
They met at a theatre and got married at a theatre.
A young couple with no kids, who love the stage.
They had been rehearsing all winter for a huge production in which her hubby won the a lead role, so when the weekend before the premiere came around and she asked me if I would like to attend the final dress rehearsal (in which they were allowed to invite close friends and/or family)...
 I was all in!
The show was very good, and it got me reminiscing about my childhood. There was always music in our house. I remember my dad was constantly learning a new song, singing whenever he was awake... memorizing lyrics, dashing off for rehearsal with his quartet, or meeting his piano player to practice before church on Sunday.
This made me miss his voice.
It's quite something when you realize how much you really look up to someone.
My dad and I always joke about how we wish our lives were like musicals,
... but I guess my childhood kind of was one :-)


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Ianstein said...

You should try doing theater sometime Taylor. With your artisic talent and underutilized great voice that you have, Im sure you would make a great impression. Remember when we listened to the CD from The Phantom of the Opera like 100 times? I think we wore that one out....but what GREAT music that is. (good times) Now Im going to have that music in my head the rest of the day. Slowly...Gently...
(Make it a point in your life to go see that sometime) Love you

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