Saturday, November 10, 2012

dreaming in a big city

I stood with the door cracked as I listened to your footsteps,
softly fade away...
I turned down my eyes
& wished...
When the footsteps silenced,
my mind was heavy.
You see,
every moment is a moment,
is thee moment
is another moment...
is another moment...
And so on,
and so forth until
when it's over,
and the cavalries and pride
have succumbed
to the disheartening storm...
All that's left are footprints,
and the silence of the aftermath.
Open your eyes,
to those precious moments
that can never redeem a second chance.
You see,
there's no deja vu for the blind,
no way to turn back
the hands of time.
We live.
in these moments.
Whether high or low.
Don't lose this moment,


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