Thursday, October 18, 2012


I miss the beginning of a fall semester in college.

I miss the way it smelled,
the hungry idea for a fresh start,
new goals to strive for,
feeling like we could conquer the world.

You would return,
reminding me that I was alive and
life was exciting.
Making plans for events,
and relaxing in a large sunny room on a big couch
playing video games.
I miss talking with you...
you didn't judge, you were like her
but even more like me.

I miss tailgating and random parties
I miss sorority meetings and bitch fests at applebees for half off apps
I miss college pride and your passionate ramblings.
I miss lazy saturday afternoons, craft attempts, and daytime fun.

I wish I could change so many things.
I would have called.
I would have came.
I would have been there.
I would have stayed.
I would have been better.

I miss you, and that time in my life.

You were both here... and I miss it.

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