Monday, February 20, 2012


ink'd up - love this :)

Lately, there's been tat talk goin on.

Got me thinking.

I've got tattoos...

However, I haven't gotten one since my sister passed.

She was straight up addicted. Off the cuff, get whatever, wherever she damn well pleased. I am a bit more cautious... so I never have to get a HUGE MISTAKE covered up ;-)

She never got anything covered, but there are those who do it.

For those I have seen, the cover looks dope. A trillion times better than the mistake.


I need to get something in her memory.
I just want it to be perfect.
Lately, Ive been wondering if I will ever feel anything is good enough....

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Ianstein said...

I feel you on that...I still think about it but I cant decide on what...I want it to be really special but sometimes I just dont think it ever be as special as I want it to be. Either that or Im just chicken to get another one and Im using that as way to NOT get