Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Temporary Hair Chalk/Spray

For the babes Christmas party, I wanted to do something different... add some color to my hair to spice my look up a bit (I had an all black dress, will post pics soon)

I tried all of these leading up to the party....

My final thoughts:

This was the WORST
I don't know why I thought putting chalk in your hair would somehow work?
It's really pigmented when you first apply it, but you literally cannot do anything or else it *poof*  disappears into the air, leaving you with hair that just feels kind of.... gross.

This spray was better... I use that term loosely. The pictures lead you to believe you can get a Ronald McDonald head of hair with this can. 
Not True. 
It takes a few coats to get it to show up (however, my hair is on the dark side), but by that time? Your hair is sticky, and hard, and looks dirty. This was ok if you're going for subtlety, one coat wasn't bad. 

Ok, temporary highlights is definitely not the way to describe this. LOL
Basically, it makes your hair kind of gold? but it takes alot to get there with hair the color of mine.
Better off getting a can of gold spray paint.

Needless to say, these sucked. I was not impressed.

Next time I will opt for a temporary dye.

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