Sunday, August 18, 2013

wakeboarding weekend

Last weekend I went wakeboarding for the first time... being a Michigan girl, I had been water skiing, tubing, and kneeboarding plenty of times in my life. Of course, that hadn't been for a while - and for whatever reason, I had never been wakeboarding.
It was a blast!
I was able to get up fairly easily (once I figured my balance), and the boys were very patient  on my quest to get outside of the wake lol... I didn't stop until my arms wouldn't let me pop up anymore.
Of course, the guys were doing all kinds of cool tricks. They made it look so easy!
We stopped and the guys grilled burgers and brats for lunch, then we all went back out on the water for tubing and all kinds of other activities :)
It was a great time, with a really fun group of people!!


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