Saturday, December 15, 2012

The smell of Christmas

I have almost finished burning my last fall scented candle (minus a few leaves candles... obviously!), so it was time for a trip to Bath and Body Works to pick up some Christmas/New year holiday scents.
And, I have to be honest - I wasn't too impressed with the selection this year.
Mahogany Teakwood (there was another one too, I forget the name) smelled like cologne. That was one of the better scents actually, but not quite what I had in mind...
They also had a Fireside scent that LEGIT smelled like campfire.
again, it smelled ok but wasn't what I was looking for.
They also had a handful of Balsam and Peppermint scents...
Needless to say, I almost decided to go somewhere else for my Christmas candles...
I decided on Marshmallow Fireside (smelled similar to Fireside, only there is a sweetness to it that warms the scent up and smells like roasting mallows!) and Twinkling Nights (which I can't really describe without cheating and using the description. lol).
It reminded me of a scent that someone who is no longer here used to enjoy (Sensual Amber - which I always keep a candle of... just for her), except this is a bit more fruity than the musky, patchouli fragrance of the former.
While I'm still not completely sold, I'm anxious to burn them and see how good the throw is. It's also my first White Barn candle from this line - and I've heard great things! I'm hoping to avoid shitty pools like some of the 3 wick candles from BBW.
I also swooped a Wallflower for the bedroom, and a hand lotion to throw in my purse for the dry, winter air!


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Ianstein said...

Yeah, its good to have your favorite fragrance boasting throughout the house during the holidays. I am still trying to find my if you happen to see it in one of your shopping escapades let me know....its called "Money" yeah baby...nothing like the smell of money...mmmm. :)